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British Tank Collector finds $2,000,000 worth of gold bars in a $30,000 tank.

Nick Mead runs Tank-A-Lot, a sightseeing business in London that lets you take in the city while driving a real tank. He currently owns 150 vintage vehicles that are rented out for "promotional publicity stunts, from garden parties, demonstrations, fates, shows and practical jokes.”

Mead bought the tank on eBay for $30,000. While stripping down the tank, he found 5 bars of gold valued at 2 million dollars. 

“They must have cut a hole in the fuel tank and rammed it full of gold bars,” said Mead, who turned the bars over to police. “Even if I don’t get any of the gold back I will still have my beautiful tank.”

Iraq returned 3,216 gold bars in 1991. They were stolen by Saddam’s troops during the seven-month occupation of Kuwait.

John @Luxe April 13, 2017 0 tags (show)