Previous Payouts - Sell Gold to Luxe Cash for Gold

Assorted 14K Gold Chains - $832

These chains were in good condition but the owner just had no use for them any more. After getting offers in the $300-500 range she was very happy to get $832 from us after selling her gold.

18K Gold Nugget Ring - $1,187

This gold nugget ring was quite heavy. We bought this gold for nearly $1200.

18K Gold Necklace - $3,721

This was a previous customers chain we had designed and crafted for them. They got a great trade in value towards an even bigger solid gold necklace!


18K Diamond Tennis Bracelet - $431

This diamond tennis bracelet contained 1ct total weight of diamonds and was purchased for $431. Previous gold buyers only offered her around $180-200.

1.40ct Solitaire Ring in Platinum - $7,500

This engagement ring was made very solid and contained a beautiful 1.40ct GIA graded diamond. We had no problem buying this for $7500, where as other gold and diamond buyers offered her less than $5000.


Sterling Silver Bracelet - $86

Yes we buy silver too! Our customer told us another precious metals buyer only offered $55 for this bracelet. We paid $86, over 1/3 more!