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What Are Olympic Medals Actually Made From?

Have you ever wondered what olympic medals are made from? Surely the olympic gold medal is actually made of gold right? Well, thats partially true. 

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John @Luxe February 02, 2018

How Much Is Your Spare Gold Worth?

We're back again with another post on some really cool items that we recently purchased! If you are ready to sell your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds come to Luxe Cash for Gold where we have the highest payouts in the South Bay. Here is a look at some items that people recently sold to Luxe Cash For Gold. 

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John @Luxe October 05, 2017

Recent Payouts - Luxe Cash For Gold

Every day here at Luxe Cash For Gold we see so many unique items come through our doors. We wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at some of the items that we've purchased recently. 

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John @Luxe September 07, 2017

Gold vs Cryptocurrency; Which Is The Smarter Investment?

Cryptocurrency is a new and exciting thing that many investors are interested in exploring. However, most are wary of the many possible pitfalls. Gold, on the other hand, has been traded throughout the world for thousands of years and has proven its reliability. Which is the smarter investment? 

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John @Luxe June 15, 2017

The Pride of The British Royal Family: The Gold State Coach

Chances are that if you're from the United States you've never heard of the Gold State Coach. If that's you, prepared to be blown away! 

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John @Luxe May 02, 2017

British Tank Collector finds $2,000,000 worth of gold bars in a $30,000 tank.

Mead bought the tank on eBay for $30,000. While stripping down the tank, he found 5 bars of gold valued at $2,000,000.

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John @Luxe April 13, 2017

South Bay Gold Dealer: Trump vs Clinton Post-Election GOLD Prediction!

How will the markets re-act to the enivitability of what a Trump or Clinton presidential victory will bring? Well, today on November 7th, we saw gold drop by $23/oz after FBI director James Comey cleared Hillary's email scandal of possibly indictment. 


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Yosef Adde November 07, 2016

Selling Jewelry to Gold Dealers like Luxe yields Best Returns, 5-Star Rated!

People selling jewelry often tell us all the time they found us online. They say out of all the gold dealers, diamond buyers or gold exchange companies we have the highest rankings both on Google and Yelp.

It’s true, we do have the highest ratings.

Our Google Page

Our Yelp Page


So how do we manage to consistently pay more to people selling their jewelry? It really comes down to 3 basic things.....

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John @Luxe September 03, 2015

Sell Diamonds to Luxe, the South Bay's top-rated Diamond Buyer!

Whether you are selling diamonds or selling jewelry, Luxe is the best place to bring your fine jewelry when it's time to cash out your items and clean out your jewelry box. Not only are we the top gold dealer in the South Bay, we are the highest Yelp-rated diamond buyers as well.

So what are the determining factors we use when you sell diamonds to us? Well the first and most obvious one is the carat size. How big is the diamond? A diamond over a carat is worth considerably more then a diamond just under a carat. Another factor is the color of the diamond and how white it is, as well as the clarity which is a measure of it's imperfections. 

Contact Us today to schedule a free estimate.

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Yosef Adde August 31, 2015

Manhattan Beach Gold Buyer - Indian Jewelry Cuffs

Gold Buyer for Hermosa Beach Manhattan Beach and Torrance.

Check out these very cool Indian cuff bracelets. They are solid gold spikes that are cast into rows, then laced into the rope with felt back for comfort. A rare and unusual treasure!

Luxe Cash for Gold serves the Beach Cities and South Bay as a Gold Buyer of all precious metals and diamonds ....

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Yosef Adde October 29, 2014