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Redondo Beach's Best Gold Buyer

If you're looking for a Gold Buyer that will pay the most, how do you know where to go? 

At Luxe Cash for Gold, we understand and can appreciate how you feel when you engage in the buying and selling of your gold jewelry, old bridal jewelry, diamonds and more. These items not only have sentimental value and beauty, but they hold monetary value and wealth as well. When looking back, they were purchased with the highest of hopes and it's when you choose to sell them, it's only right that you get the very most for your jewelry and precious metals as possible. We are totally committed to the consumer, in educating them, showing them live in person how we test the jewelry (not behind closed doors) and we always give our best price upfront. We don't haggle, or low ball. In fact every morning we print out our "No Haggle Price List" that has been updated with the current market prices for precious metals, and we offer the same prices to every customer that walks in our door.

Luxe not only buys gold, jewelry and diamonds, we manufacture jewelry as well. That's why we can pay much more than your average recycler that simply buys, and let's someone else melt it down and refine it for a profit. We constantly need new gold and diamonds and pay aggressively to secure raw materials so we can also produce jewelry at a lower cost. In the end, when you sell your jewelry to Luxe, it's a win-win for both parties, and you, the consumer walk away with the most cash possible.

Simply put, we are Redondo Beach's Best Gold Buyer. And we buy silver, sterling silver, platinum, palladium and diamonds as well. We don’t just buy them in solid forms like bars, coins, nuggets, but we also buy your gold jewelry, engagement rings, diamond rings, wedding bands, gold rings, and silver jewelry as well. So, if you find yourself staring at a piece of jewelry that no longer serves the purpose you had when you originally acquired it, you know who to sell your gold jewelry to.

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