Investing in Gold

If you have money to invest, buying gold is the smart thing to do these days. With interest rates so low, there is little to no money made if your cash just sits in a bank. Meanwhile, dollars are depreciating daily. You can see it in the cost of a gallon of gas, your electricity bill or just look at home prices. Even though home prices have come down in the past few years, they're still much higher than they were 50 years ago. Everything is going up in cost as our dollars buy less and less of what they used to buy.

Now if you were paying in gold on the other hand, the price of goods has been fairly steady over the past 50 years or more. For example, an ounce of gold has always bought around 12 barrels of oil, give or take. The cost of everything from a bushel of corn to a new car when converted in gold today versus 50 years ago are very similar in cost. So gold is a great hedge against a depreciating dollar when interest rates are low and inflation is high. By buying gold now, you can be certain you can afford the goods you want when you're ready to buy them as gold appreciates and the dollar loses value. These days inflation is higher than it's ever been and interest rates are at record lows. And as long as those conditions continue, investing in gold is a very easy decision to make.

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