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Selling Jewelry to Gold Dealers like Luxe yields Best Returns, 5-Star Rated!

People selling jewelry often tell us all the time they found us online. They say out of all the gold dealers, diamond buyers or gold exchange companies we have the highest rankings both on Google and Yelp.

It’s true, we do have the highest ratings.

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So how do we manage to consistently pay more to people selling their jewelry? It really comes down to 3 basic things:

  1. We actually need the gold and diamonds. As jewelry manufacturers who sell to retail jewelers all over the world and direct to the public, we need as many diamonds and precious metals as we can get. Sure we can buy on the open market wholesale but if we can buy them just under wholesale while still paying our customers sometimes double what they were offered in a pawn shop, it’s win-win for both of us. Other gold or diamond buyers have no use for what they buy and need to sell below wholesale to get their money back, which is why they pay you less.
  2. We keep our overhead very low. When you visit our shop you will see that we operate out of a quiet office in Redondo Beach. There are very few employees and no cash or gold/diamonds are kept on site. Payments are rather made by check and so we can operate a more efficient business that allows us to keep our expenses lower and pay you more.
  3. We don’t carry inventory. When you go to a pawn shop for example, you will see lots of older jewelry. Every day that jewelry has to be put away in a safe and then taken back out for display the next day. It tarnishes, needs to be polished and all this labor costs money. There is cost for it taking up space and capital that could be used to purchase other goods. It could take a month or a year or more to sell that item. So naturally, they need to get paid a lot less for it then someone like us that can immediately put those raw materials such as diamonds or gold to use in manufacturing new jewelry. A quicker turn around means we can pay more for the items.

 So that’s it in a nutshell. When selling your jewelry, sell to gold dealers or diamond buyers like Luxe that actually use the metals and gems to manufacture jewelry. Sell to someone who keeps their overhead very low and to someone who doesn’t carry big inventory of old stuff few people want anyways, and chances are you will be offered a fair price.

John @Luxe September 03, 2015 0 tags (show)