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Sell Diamonds to Luxe, the South Bay's top-rated Diamond Buyer!

Whether you are selling diamonds or selling jewelry, Luxe is the best place to bring your fine jewelry when it's time to cash out your items and clean out your jewelry box. Not only are we the top gold dealer in the South Bay, we are the highest Yelp-rated diamond buyers as well.

So what are the determining factors we use when you sell diamonds to us? Well the first and most obvious one is the carat size. How big is the diamond? A diamond over a carat is worth considerably more then a diamond just under a carat. Another factor is the color of the diamond and how white it is, as well as the clarity which is a measure of it's imperfections. The Cut, Shape and Condition of the diamond also plays a big role. A round shape is always worth more per carat then a princess shape, for example. If a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, it may need to be re-cut in order to get maximum value from it. And of course if a diamond is chipped or scratched this could affect the value of the diamond dramatically. If a diamond needs a major re-cut from a scratch or chip it would result in a smaller diamond and a smaller payout.

A GIA-graded diamond is highly prized, so be sure to bring in your lab report if you have one. Any paperwork you bring can help boost the value of your diamond, even if graded from a lesser known lab or independent appraiser. But don't be fooled with appraisals with high value amounts that were provided by the diamond retailer, as they usually mark up double to triple what you paid in order to make you feel like you got a good deal. The true value of the diamond is determined in the marketplace; by diamond buyers like us and diamond buyers in the retail market place, but of course in order to sell retail you would need a retail store for people to have faith in the diamond grading.

Finally, and most importantly, a diamond is most valued when it is 100% natural. Many diamonds that were sold, especially in the 80's were treated. Either fracture filled with silicone, or heated and irradiated to improve the color, etc. A treated-diamond is worth considerably less than a natural one.

Don't know what yours is worth? Why not have a professional gemologist examine it? There is no cost to you and we are happy to provide you with the service.



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