Cash for Gold Manhattan Beach - Guess the Gold Weight™ August 2014 Contest

Luxe Cash for Gold is inviting all Manhattan Beach, CA residents to come in and guess the weight of the pile of gold seen in this photo! Submit your official guess in our office and the person closest will be notified September 1st, 2014 and given $100 CASH! 


August, 2014 - Guess the Gold Weight™ Photo:

Cash for Gold Manhattan Beach

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John @Luxe July 29, 2014

Redondo Beach's Best Gold Buyer

If you're looking for a Gold Buyer that will pay the most, how do you know where to go? 

At Luxe Cash for Gold, we understand and can appreciate how you feel when you engage in the buying and selling of your gold jewelry, old bridal jewelry, diamonds and more....

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John @Luxe September 06, 2013